IAS-STS Fellowship Programme 2010-2011


Dear Colleague,
we would like to announce the

*IAS-STS Fellowship Programme 2010-2011*

The IAS-STS in Graz, Austria, promotes the
interdisciplinary investigation of the links and
interactions between science, technology and
society as well as technology assessment and
research into the development and implementation
of socially and environmentally sound technologies.
The IAS-STS is broadly speaking, an institute for
the enhancement of science and technology studies.

The IAS-STS invites researchers to apply for a stay
between 1 October 2010 and 30 June 2011 as a

*- Research Fellow* (up to nine months) or as a
*- Visiting Scholar* (shorter period, e.g. a month)

The IAS-STS offers excellent research
infrastructure. Close co-operation with researchers
at the IFZ (Inter-University Research Centre for
Technology, Work and Culture;
see: www.ifz.tugraz.at), guest lectures, workshops
and conferences provide an atmosphere of
creativity and scholarly discussion.

Furthermore we can offer five grants (up to EUR
1,000 per month) for long-term Research Fellows
at the IAS-STS.

The Fellowship Programme 2010-2011 is
dedicated to projects investigating the following

*1. Gender -- Technology -- Environment*
Women with their various interests, competencies
and potentials play an important part in the
process of shaping socially sound and
environmentally friendly sustainable technologies
-- as users and consumers or experts. Applications
should focus on research in the field of women in
traditionally male fields of engineering, on ways of
creating cultures of success for women engineers
(students, graduates), and on masculinity and the
culture of engineering.

*2. Genetics and Biotechnology*
A focus of the Fellowship Programme lies on
research providing a critical analysis either of
human genetics or of biotechnology.
Researchers investigating either ethical, legal
and social aspects of genetic testing in the
medical domain or risk and wider
governance issues related to agricultural
biotechnology are especially encouraged to apply.

*3. Sustainable Consumption and*
*Production (SCP)*
SCP seeks to promote social and economic
development within the carrying capacity of
ecosystems. New strategies and concrete tools
are needed to change individual and institutional
patterns of consumption and to enhance corporate
responsibility (CR) of organisations. Researchers
investigating patterns of consumption and
intervention strategies to promote sustainable
lifestyles among both public and private consumers
or working within the thematic field of ecological
product policy are encouraged to apply.
Research projects integrating product assessment
tools such as LCA, carbon footprint, MIPS or
related methods are also of special interest.

*4. Energy and Climate*
Projects in this field should aim at socio-economic
aspects of environmental technologies or at
strategies of environmental technology policy,
such as user participation or strategic niche
management. They should develop measures
and strategies for the promotion of renewable
energy sources and for the transition to a
sustainable energy system. Regional governance,
climate policy strategies, innovation policy and the
role of users in the area of energy technologies
play an important role. In addition, the Manfred
Heindler Grant is awarded for research projects
on the increased use of renewable energies and
on a more efficient use of energy.

*5. Information and Communication*
*Technologies (ICTs)*
A focus of the Fellowship Programme will be put
on novel developments based on ICT from an
STS point of view. Topics like ICTs and agency,
ubiquitous computing or ICTs and mobility are
analysed with respect to their wider social
and political implications. Further issues of interest
are the social shaping of ICT developments,
innovation policies, risk management and
participatory approaches to the design of ICT
systems and applications.

Applications must be submitted to the IAS-STS
by *31 December 2009*.

For application forms and further information:
Please visit our website: *www.sts.tugraz.at*

Institute for Advanced Studies on Science,
Technology and Society (IAS-STS)
Attn. Guenter Getzinger
Kopernikusgasse 9
8010 Graz -- Austria
E-mail: info@sts.tugraz.at

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